Reports are that the leadership of the All People’s Congress (APC) is to hold peace talks with the plaintiff, Alfred Peter Conteh, in the ongoing High Court matter involving the party, in order to tie up any loose ends that would affect the party’s progress towards holding of lower-level elections ahead of the National Delegates’ Conference (NDC). This decision comes following the successful conduct of the emergency delegates’ conference in Makeni that saw the adoption of the party’s new constitution.

Shortly after the Makeni conference, Conteh, in a media interview both Conteh and the party’s Acting National Publicity Secretary, Sidi Yayah Tunis agreed to meet with the APC leadership to settle the matter out of court as proposed by the party’s current Chairman and Leader, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. According to Tunis, the party has lost a lot due to court matters.

Conteh has however denied being sponsored by other APC members to take the party to court as claimed. The action, he said is to instill fairness and transparency in the party in order to remove that he referred to as class and marginalization.

Reportedly, Alfred Peter Conteh who took the party to court earlier this year calling for a change of its leadership at all levels is not too happy with the way and manner that the party complied with the High Court orders of Justic Adrian Fisher.

Conteh had said he is reviewing the events and activities that took place prior to and during the conference, within the context of the court orders. He is also reported to have said he would nit rule out the possibility of filing another lawsuit against the party, objecting to the process.

Two issues that he mentioned that needed ironing out are the re-run of elections in certain constituencies where elections were not fully completed and that of party membership issue that were not considered by the 21-Man Technical Planning Committee in execution of the court orders.

It could be recalled that, Conteh had written a letter to PPRC Chairman before the convention expressing the said concerns.

However, Conteh who is currently in the country said he has met with other aggrieved stakeholders and a cross section of the party membership in order to settle the impasse.

The APC Acting National Publicity Secretary, Sidi Yayah Tunis, who maintains that the party followed the court’s orders to the letter and spirit, said the party will during the resumption of High Court sittings in October brief Justice Adrian Fisher on how his orders were carried out with relevant documentary evidence.