The APC National Youth League and the Sierra Leone Police sign MOU on rules binding the APC National Youth League upcoming retreat between the 15 and 17 October, 2021.

The resolutions were held in order a ensure a peaceful and stable retreat. Here are the regulations reached at:

  1. Supporters/members are not allowed to carry banners displaying support for whoever or whatever during the retreat
  2. No member or any other person is allowed to take unauthorized photographs of any aspiring members for any position within the vicinity of the venue
  3. No member or person is allowed to put on T-Shirt with body images of aspiring members for any position in the party within the vicinity of the venue
  4. Only accredited by the National Youth League will be allowed into the venue
  5. No convergence of masquerades or secret society
  6. There shall not be any marshals as security shall be provided by the SLP for the retreat and the attendees