It is now becoming very clear, obvious and crystal that anything that is connected with fraud, dishonesty and administrative manipulation, the over-stayed APC party Secretary General’s name is always mentioned as a key person in the process. Sometimes, he is openly confronted by some members of the party that he is responsible for all the mal-functions, administrative fraud and political party manipulations within the party.

The recently un-concluded Delegate Elections of the APC had Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh’s name mentioned as the individual that manipulated the process that culminated of the violations of the Court Order of Justice Adrian Fisher.

It could be recalled that Justice Adrian Fisher had warned in the last court sitting that if the Court Order as documented is not fully executed and complied with some people, especially those that have taken responsibility will be sent to prison. The report as contacted in two letters sent to the Political Parties Registration Commission has clearly highlighted the manipulative hard work of the over-stayed APC party Secretary General of the process.

The victims, including District Chairmen are requesting the PPRC to remove him from the process if democratic principles are to be expected. It is unclear if the PPRC has the mandate to do so. What is clear are the violations of the Court Order highlighted in the complaints.

His recent publication of the delegate list is a clear show of deceitfulness from this very old man who has always unsurped power through manipulative activities. It is now on the record that Pa Yansaneh has instructed for the disenfranchisement of other meaningful APC supporters in Kono, Bo and Kambia. Seven constituencies out of the 132 have been grossly disenfranchised with impunity. As per the ruling dated the 9th of August 2021, the learned judge did order that elections be conducted in all 132 constituencies including those of the Youth League, and the women’s congress of the party.