Sierra Leone Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Sovula has in an interview with the BBC said that one of the reasons why they shaved off the dreadlocks of popular rapper, Boss LA was because he wanted to use his dreadlocks to commit suicide while in detention.

The musician who was arrested on Sunday, June 12, 2022, for allegations of robbery and was taken in a detention center in Sierra Leone called Benghazi.

It was reported that his family and legal representatives were denied access to the rapper. It was also claimed that he was injected with an unknown substance, while his dreadlocks were cut off.

In response, the Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Sovula told the BBC that his officers have done nothing wrong.

He confirmed that Boss LA’s hair was cut off as part of their Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and for the hygiene of the detention facility.

“He thought he was being arrested unjustly, so he was using his hair to strangle himself,” IGP Sovula said, adding that, “He had wanted to get himself killed.”

The Inspector General of Police was reminded of the press release issued by the Sierra Leone Police, where they admitted to have shaved off Boss LA’s dreadlocks based on their SOP, which states that all male suspects held in Benghazi will have their hair shave off.

“The press release was talking about SOP, and some other reasons. This is the truth and nothing but the truth,” IG Sovula concluded.

The Lawyer of Boss LA, Madieu Sesay debunked IGP Sovula claim of the rapper intended to commit suicide using his dreadlocks.

“Not all. I have never received that instruction from him. That dread is his brand,” Sesay told the BBC.

Several human rights organisations and state institutions have issued statements condemning the action by the police to forcefully cut off the dreadlocks of the rapper, citing that the treatment of the artist by the police is inhuman and it’s against his human rights.