‘Champion Fly’ Ravages Sierra Leonean Communities

Residents across Sierra Leone are currently complaining about an upsurge of insect infection (Champion) causing sore on various parts of their bodies.

This insect, which belongs to the genus Paederus with the scientific name of Paederus Sabaeus, commonly known as ‘Nairobi Fly’, is highly infectious and can be seen crawling on floors, walls and even on beds.

Experts have warned residents not to kill the insect on their body, but flag them down on the floor and kill them, as the water from the insect is very harmful and causes rash like engravings on the skin.

Many residents complained of rash on their skins, claiming that it was caused by the ‘Champion’ insect walking on their skin.

What is being seen now is that this ‘Champion’ insect is breeding fast and can be found in almost every community across the country.

As cases of this menace seem to be increasing in communities by the day, residents are calling on the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) to deploy pest control officers around the city to fumigate their habitats.

Community stakeholders say action is needed by the authorities to fumigate communities with insecticides and quickly relieve them of this very harmful insect.

An elder citizen explained to this medium that when she was growing up, the Freetown City Council (FCC) and the MoHS had sanitary officers that often visit communities and homes would fumigate breeding grounds of such insects, as such, cases of insect infections of this nature were rare.

Meanwhile, experts have advised residents and parents to spray their homes, including sleeping places of their kids.

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Residents are advised to shake all clothing left on the bed before sleeping on them, including bedspreads and pillows. For those who dry their clothes on sticks, walls or on the ground after laundry, they are advised to thoroughly shake them after collecting them from where they were dried.


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