Some community people at No.9 in Lumley have rounded up and punish kush addicts. In a video making the rounds on social media, several men were seen surrounded by some community people.

Some members of the community could be heard chanting “no more kush” with some of the addicts forced to sit on the soaked pavement.

Sierra Leone is currently facing an uphill battle against the drug, kush. Some local activists believe that there is an increasing number of addicts to the drug.

Recently, senior journalist Umaru Fofana said he was told that some civil servants are also addicts.

Videos on social media also showed security personnel being dismissed for kush.

Authorities have called on the government to take action against the drugs. A member of Parliament, Emerson Lamina urged the country’s Youth Minister, Mohamed Orman Bangura to submit a position paper to the House on the drugs.

Sometimes called spice or K2, kush is a mix of “plant matter” sprayed with an ever-changing host of chemicals, in sometimes dangerously high proportions.

Some believe the drugs is also processed with human bone.

The drug has started taking its toll on addicts with reports of death across the country.