The Concerned Sierra Leoneans – USA which is a non political group comprising Sierra Leoneans in the United States have caused another big embarrassment for President Koroma in New York by staging another demonstration calling for transparency and accountability for the Ebola Funds received by President Koroma.

Members of the group which also include APC members in the United States have held placards and banners in New York at the International Ebola Recovery Conference demanding for President Koroma to give account of both national and international financial contributions he has received during the Ebola crisis. As a result of the heavy presence of the members of the Concerned Sierra Leoneans a small number of APC members wearing t.shirts with the face of President Koroma could not match the presence of the members of concerned Sierra Leoneans. This led to members of the Pres. Koroma delegation to join the APC members (demonstrators) to boost their numbers and notably amongst those who joined was the Minister of Information, Alhaji Alpha Kanu. The Minister of information was shamefully raising his fist, shouting and singing leaving foreign dignitaries in complete shock.

Many APC members have been very disappointed with the low turn out of their members to show support for President Koroma. This low turn out happened despite the fact that few days ago a meeting was held facilitated by Wilfred Kabs Kanu in which more than 30 members of the APC received a t.shirt and $2,000 each. According to an insider “The reason why the President increased the demonstration fee per member was because the last time he came to the states, he was not happy with the turn out. Many members also complained that the organisers did not give them the exact amount for the last demonstration. So in the last meeting each member had to sign for the $2,000”

Also, as a sign of their recognition Hon. Sidique Wai, President of the United Africa Congress and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Concerned Sierra Leoneans-USA, and Mr. Ahmed Kargbo, Secretary-General of United Africa Congress and Coordinator of the New York chapter of Concerned Sierra Leoneans-USA, were both invited by the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, to participate in the International Ebola Recovery Conference on July 9-10, 2015. It is expected that donor agencies and countries will be making huge pledges for Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone during the conference.

Below are pictures of Alpha Kanu shouting and singing whilst the other picture shows an APC meeting where money was distributed for the APC demonstration.