Fake Degree Whistle Blower, Dr John Idriss Lahai has brought to the attention of the President of Sierra Leone, Dr Julius Maada Bio, two corrupt and incompetent people that needs to be sacked from his administration.

Hon Kabineh Kallon who is the Minister of Transportation and Aviation and professor Kelfala Kallon, the Bank Governor of Sierra Leone, are the two people he pointed out to be sacked.

These two according to Dr Lahai are blood brothers in corruption. He said they are not only corrupt but they’re also performing poorly.

He gave instances of their past corrupt practices in his post on facebook and gave reasons as to why the president should keep them no more in his government.

See full post below:

“Two blood brothers (same parents) in President Bio’s Government.

By DrJohn Idriss Lahai

H.E. President Bio, it should neither be forgotten nor ignored that you don’t govern a country with friends (or brothers) you’re indebted to (put in Krio: you nor dae rule country wit paddy or brothers wae you feel sae you for do dem good for the past good wae dem do for you).

A case in point is your relationship with the two blood brothers in your Government:
1. Hon Kabineh M. Kallon (Minister of Transport and Aviation) and his elder brother 👇🏿
2. Professor (Emeritus) Kelfala Morana Kallon (Governor, Bank of Sierra Leone).

Whatever help they gave you in America (after you left office in 1996; after you handed power over to President Kabbah), it was compensated two years ago.
These blood brothers are rich men now. You gave them open access to our country’s money. So sack them — for our sake, na for sack dem now. Salone people don take God beg you.

Less than 2 years ago, Minister Kabineh reported to the Sierra Leone police that someone stole US $200,000 (US dollars) from his home (the money was inside his bedroom). Where did he get this TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS from?

Where did he get it ? U.S. $ 200,000 stolen from home of President Bio’s Minister of Transport and Aviation

Last year his elder brother, Professor Kallon told journalists that he used $68 million dollars of our country’s money to bribe a group of business men. He is yet to disclose the names of the business men and how much he gave each one of them. https://slconcordtimes.com/we-wasted-68-million-to-bribe-people-hoarding-the-leones-bank-governor-confesses/

These men are not only corrupt, they’re also performing poorly. We demanded their sacking! You said, No. Sack these men now.

An angry patriot,
Dr John Idriss Lahai.”