The Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu was in consultation with the Director of Crime Services, Commissioner Lahai, with the sole aim of bringing sanity to the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters so that the institution can be result-oriented for the general good of Sierra Leoneans.

Against this backdrop, sixty-two (62) personnel of other ranks, ranging from Constables to Inspectors, were rooted out from the ‘Cream of Crime’ and later transferred to various other police stations country-wide.

According to investigations, some of the personnel transferred to other police stations added no value to the institution, while others were perceived to be highly corrupt, thereby bringing shame and disgrace to SLP and by extension, the Criminal Investigation Department.

Headquarters. Police officers that spoke on the issue said that this is the first time in the history of the SLP for such huge number of personnel rooted out of CID. They added that it is good to do routine transfers but that those coming to replace their colleagues will have to undergo training, especially those who will be assigned to specialized areas, such as Cyber, Hand citing, Ballistic, and Finger Print, among others.