United States based Sierra Leonean and Housemates Salone Season 3 Contestant, Hasanatu Julie Conteh popularly known as Julie Tombo has on an interview with social media influencer and blogger, Hawanatu Konneh explained her own side of the story on the video that went viral on allegations that she had a fight with her rival over a man.

On the interview, the contestant expressed her dismay over the some blogging pages that blog in the name of blogging without digging for more facts to the story. She made mentioned to Born2Blog and advice that next time they want to blog about her, they should dig in for more details instead of putting captions that doesn’t portray the real story.

When she was asked what transpired between the fight, Julie Tombo explained that, she was at the mall with her six children for shopping and on their way exiting the Mall, they were bashed by lady name Hawa, her Aunty and others. “they were throwing bashes at me and my children…” “boku pikin wit no Papa…” she mentioned. According to her, she initially ignored them for time.

She was indirectly insulted with her kids when her (Julie Tombo), 14-year-old daughter stood up to respond on behalf of her mum. “You are not better than my mum because you got yourself impregnated by my mum’s husband” Julie’s 14-year-old daughter replied to the insults.

According to Julie on the interview with Hawanatu when she was asked between the two sides of fight, who was the first to throw a pouch. She claimed that it was Hawa and her team that first pushed her 14-year-old daughter, at that point she intervened.

Julie Tombo disclosed that, the fight incident happened on February this year and it did not surface the web until the day of her birthday she claimed that they want to tarnish her image that is why they brought it on her birthday.

On the concluding part of the interview, popular blogger and social media influencer, Hawanatu Konneh admonished Julie Tombo on the importance of ignoring people who want to cry you down, and put it vividly to her that her prime focus should be the housemates show and let no one put a stain to it. “You have grown within these few months you surfaced the media, do you know there people who have been in the media for over five (5) years now and they are yet to grow like you do, so ignore and focus on your show”, social media influencer, Hawanatu Konneh concluded.