Defence Lawyer of the National Organizing Secretary of the All People’s Congress Party, Bai Mahmoud Bangura has urged Justice Kamanda  to acquit and discharge his client for lack of sufficient evidence.

Lawyer Macaulay during his Oral Submission argues that the state Prosecutor have not Provided sufficient evidence against his client. He added that the persecution had failed to substantiate the eight Charges against the accused, including misprision of treason and harbouring.

Macauley directed Justice Kamanda to paragraphs 66 and 67 of the prosecution’s reply and to exhibits U1 to U17, which included Bai Mahmoud’s caution statement. In this statement, Bai Mahmoud disclosed that he had known Mohamed Jalloh, the second accused, since 2019 as a tenant in the same compound.

Addressing the charge of conspiracy, Macauley argued that no evidence or exhibits presented in court demonstrated that Bai Mahmoud had conspired with anyone. He highlighted that Jalloh’s caution statement corroborated this, indicating that Jalloh was merely a tenant, a fact uncontested by any witnesses.

Macauley further affirmed that the state prosecutors had failed to prove the elements of misprision of treason, harbouring, and other related offences alleged against his client. He referred to the case of Lansana and 11 others, emphasizing that the court should acquit and discharge Bai Mahmoud due to the lack of evidence.

Bai Mahmoud Bangura was arrested at his residence by a group of armed OSD officers in the afternoon hours of November 29, 2023.