Abu Bakarr Fayoma, a 20-year-old military officer, has been denied bail in connection with an alleged theft of military property.

Amara Joseph Bundu, the complainant and a military officer residing at Wilberforce Barracks, took the stand to deliver crucial testimony in the ongoing case against Abu Bakarr Fayoma.

Fayoma is currently facing charges of housebreaking and larceny, accused of stealing military property.

Bundu, a perceptive witness, provided testimony indicating that he recognized the accused as a fellow resident of Wilberforce Military Barracks. He recounted the events leading to the arrest, stating that during his duty, he received a call from his superior informing him that an individual had been apprehended by the military police

The detainee was suspected of trespassing into Bundu’s quarters and absconding with service uniforms and other belongings.

Upon arriving at the scene, Bundu discovered that the padlock securing his quarters had been forcibly tampered with, and several items were absent. His testimony highlighted the alarming breach of security within the military barracks.

Despite a bail application presented by Abu Bakarr Fayoma’s legal team on August 7, 2023, Magistrate Mark Ngegba unequivocally denied bail, directing the accused to be remanded back to the Pademba Road Male Correctional Center in Freetown.

Bundu added further detail, stating that upon his arrival at the military police station, he identified some of his belongings among the recovered items. However, the exact value of the stolen items remained uncertain, as they were issued by the military and not individually purchased.

In anticipation of an extensive cross-examination, the defense counsel requested additional time for questioning, a request that was granted. The proceedings were adjourned to August 22, 2023, to continue the examination of this pivotal witness