Popular female Housemate from Sweden, Lady Nata, has  thrown shots on Julie Tombo(The Yagba Diva) in her recent musical stage performance for Cribs International competition. Nata claims to be the mother of all the Yagba Divas.

As she further claimed to be the Diaspora’s Queen in her rap lyrics, she  cautioned Julie that she can’t stand her.

Julie Tombo and Nata we’re the head of  the two musical groups.

Queen Nata Almond Sall, Yeanie and the Dancing Chef, (George Taylor) performed the song Called Zigizor.

The CEO of Cribs International thanked the two groups for their wonderful performances.

He acknowledges the fact that Julie’s group lost one of their strong members in the M’posh due to eviction.

He further recognised that he can understand the reasons behind the various level of out put amongst the two groups. For some, this is their first time on stage

However, Julie’s confessed in a recent House Season 3 Dairy Session with chief that she believes all the housemates want her out of the house. she further revealed that she understands because this is a competition.

Julie, the “Yagba Diva” is up for eviction this week. She encouraged her fans to vote and pray for her.