The younger brother of Major Issa Turay, Aruna Turay has clarified that his brother died of natural causes dispelling rumours suggesting otherwise.

Aruna said rumours reported by Makoni Times that his elder brother’s death was unnatural “is fake and deliberate lie”.

The truth is that the Late Major Issa Turay died of Natural Causes in the early hours of Wednesday, 16th August, 2023,” he said.

He corroborated an earlier press release issued by the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) said his elder brother did collapse at his residence at the Armed Forces Training Centre (AFTC) in Benguema Barracks, outskirts of Waterloo.

He said his brother’s fiancée phoned him at around 6 in the morning informing him that his brother was unwell and had gone unconscious.

I immediately advised her to take him to the Medical centre at AFTC,” Aruna said.

He added that the fiancée told him that they have been referred to 34 Military Hospital at Wilberforce.

Aruna said he could tell that his brother was already dead before the doctor pronounced him.

“…without any medical lens, just by looking at him laid in the ambulance on arrival, my mind tells me my guy was already dead,” he said.

He said the family would like for the false rumours particularly from Makoni Times to be brought down.

The Turay family is hereby calling on the Editorial Board of The Makoni Times to down the post immediately on all its platforms,” Aruna said.

He said that they want the newspaper to “immediately make an unreserved apology to the family”.

The family of the late man instructed that the newspaper should do their apology or would be forced to seek legal address.

Rumours making the rounds on social media suggested that the late major died an unnatural death but Aruna’s article said otherwise.

Meanwhile, sources close to Sierraloaded have indicated that the family of the late man will meet on Saturday.