A public notice from the Department of Public Relations in Parliament issued out last Friday stated that the Leader of Government Business and Chairman of the Committee on Appointments and the Public Service, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma is inviting the Press, Political parties, and CSOs to witness the vetting and scrutiny of presidential nominees, including the proposed Electoral Commissioner, Western Region, Zainab UmuMoseray on Monday 25th October 2021 at 11:00 AM in the  Committee Room One, Parliament Building.

The notice pointed out clearly that the President’s Nominee will face Members of the Committee on Appointments today in the exercise of their constitutional role by vetting those appointed by the President to serve in enviable positions in government.

It could be recalled that President Bio in July 2021 appointed Mrs. Zainab UmuMoseray (Nee Kamara), to serve as Western Area Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

The appointment of a woman to replace another strong woman (Madam Miatta French) is said to be part of the President’s campaign promise ahead of the 2018 Elections when he promised the people of Sierra Leone that if voted in as President, he will empower the women and youth in Sierra Leone.

“The appointment does not only address the empowerment of women but also that of the youth as he appointed Mrs. Zainab UmuMoseray as the NEC Commissioner of the Western Area peding Parliamentary approval,” a close relative remarked and further revealed that Madam Zainab UmuMoseray is in her late thirties and has proven to be a much disciplined, intelligent, not easy to be arm-twisted, uncompromising and above all a God-fearing woman.

Always smiling, Madam Moseray commands great respect and trust amongst the leadership and members of registered political parties in Sierra Leone and above all, donor partners.

Having worked for the PPRC for eleven (11) years and also showcased the Commission and attracted numerous donor support and partnerships, Madam Moseray has a wealth of expertise that she will take to NEC.

Madam Moseray whose parents hailed from the northern part of Sierra Leone and has spent all her life in Freetown more so at Congo Town on the Western Part of Freetown, she attended the Saint Anthony Girls and proceeded to the Annie Walsh Memorial School (another goal scored by AWOGAN’S).

Madam Moseray holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Njala University and she is among the few women in Sierra Leone that can be trusted in the dispensation of her duties without fear or favour.