My Fellow Sierra Leoneans, I, Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara, APC Presidential candidate in 2018 and now a very prominent presidential aspirant for 2023, have lived and worked for over 40 years in Sierra Leone and other credible international organizations as a trustworthy public official.

Never has my name been associated with criminality. I have never been accused of any corrupt practice. I have never been in court on any charges whatsoever.

This nation and many international organizations have been very proud of my track record and performances in the various capacities of Economist at BSL, Financial Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Governor at BSL, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations.

I have diligently and honorably again served several international institutions, in particular, the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, the World Bank, the IMF, the African Union at various times on numerous assignments.

That confidence you had in me afforded me the opportunity of being selected as the flag bearer of the APC in the 2018 Presidential election.

Now, I am charged with corruption and to appear in court on two counts. I am very innocent of those charges though they may have tended to smear my name and hard-earned reputation, affecting my family, supporters, and admirers.

It will be a trial of the character of Samura Kamara, the professional whom you have all known for over 40 years in public service for my nation.

Like many people who have gone through such challenges, mine is a test of my stamina and resilience. But the resolve to help my people through quality and effective leadership shall never wane under such allegations.

I shall come out clean and smelling of roses and reinvigorated in the belief that State Institutions must serve the people according to the law and be devoid of partisan political sentiments and prejudices.

Once again, let me re-echo my belief in the fight against corruption and the strengthening of state institutions to work independently.

I ask my family, supporters, and admirers to chronicle the events, remain calm and patient as the proceedings progress, and not play into the hands of the trigger-happy security and government personnel.

I ask for your prayers and solidarity, Long live the nation of Sierra Leone, Long Live the All Peoples Congress