There have been tension in various parts of Freetown this morning with police officers reportedly fired gun shots and teargas at protesters who took to the streets.

The protest is part of the ongoing protest action against the ruling SLPP government slated for Monday 8 July, Tuesday August 9, and Wednesday, August 10 2022.

Reports gathered from various locations around Freetown this morning reveal that the streets are filled with youths demonstrating against the government.

There are also reports of heavy police presence and clashes with protesters in the East end part of the capital.
“Currently happening at Freetown, Wellington. The Sierra Leone Leone police are allegedly firing teargass at the protester’s within the Wellington community. And I’m not satisfied with this ill-treatment by the Sierra Leone police. Don’t the people of this country have the right to protest and say their minds anymore? Most everything by on a political motives?” A witness reported.

There are also report of gun shots fired and heavily armed police and military personnel surrounding the Police Headquarters on George Street.

It is also reported that the protest has spilled down from Siaka Stevens Street around the Central Bank and Post Office areas.

Supporters of the demonstration on social media (mostly Sierra Leoneans living in the diaspora) say they are demonstrating against the high cost of living, police brutaity, corruption and general injustice.

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