Following the recent happenings between Niga Don and his wife Pretty S cheat saga, with other personal issues that are pushing the group to the edge of the cliff of its separation, the LXG Music group has today assured fans and supporters, and also debunked all rumors circulating the web of the group’s separation.

LXG is a multiple award winning group from Sierra Leonean music label. The group trio comprised of Nega Don, Kass, and Pretty S, the group’s lone female member with a tremendous singing aptitude. Donphine Walker, Soloman Kass-Marrah, and Sarah Kanu are their genuine names.

Over the past years to date, they have always doing their best to provide the exact taste of fans. In 2016, the music group released the Legacy album whih was the first yet gave the group a limelight in the entertainment industry. In 2017 they released one of the most trending songs they have every produced ‘Cherr am’ from the album title Cherr am. Few years after this album,  in 2020 another was released titled ‘Die Nor Dae’. These guys have had each others back until rumours of their separation in the group hit the web.

Yesterday, 20th July 2022 Nega Don the lead vocalist of the team was alleged by wife of cheating. With dismay and heart broken Pretty S on a video exposed her husband’s cheating WhatsApp messages on social media.

Rumours of this allegations and messages seen, reacted many Sierra Leoneans. Many are thinking if the marriage comes to an end, that could lead to the group’s separation.

With regards to these rumours revolving the web, the management of LXG Music has today Thursday 21st July 2022, debunked all rumours of the group’s separation. According to management, regardless of any personal issues they have, the music is always a priority to them.

“Regardless of any personal issues that are circulating, we put our music first….” The Management mentioned. The management further admonished fans to remain respectful as always as they settle their differences in the group.

On the LXG Music official Facebook handle, it reads:

LXG Music wants to debunk all rumors of its seperation. Regardless of any personal issues that are circulating, we put our music first.

We hope that you will remain respectful especially for our privacy as we try to settle our differences, thank you all for your understanding.

One love ❤️”