Women’s Forum Sierra Leone Condemns Women’s Black Monday Demonstration

Women’s Forum Sierra Leone has yesterday issued a press release condemning the decision of some women to come out and protest against the current harsh economic situation in the country.

According to Women’s Forum, their stance is in response to videos circulating on social media where women were called to wear black and take to the streets on Monday, 4th July 2022.

“The Women’s Forum Sierra Leone, the National Women’s Umbrella organization is deeply disappointed at this call more especially when it comes from a female political leader,” they stated.

“The call regrettably is seen as encouraging women to participate in an unauthorised demonstration, knowing that an unauthorised demonstration, goes against the law and therefore cand lead to arrests which might compromise women’s responsibilities in their homes and most especially with their children.”

The Forum stated that they cannot support any I activity that is unauthorised, adding that if women want to demonstrate, it is their right to do so but they must obey the law of the land and obtain permission.

“We the women of this country want to continue to obey the laws of the land and enjoy the peace that comes with that,” They stated.

“The Women’s Forum Sierra Leone again wishes to inform the general public that we condemn all unlawful demonstrations by any group. It undermines our democracy and the gains we are making on Women’s Rights,” the Forum added.


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