Why We Must Take NATCOM And Mobile Network Operators to Court

There are multiple reasons why Sierra Leoneans should take the National Telecommunication Commission and the Mobile Network Operators to court. The Commission is a body corporate which can sue and be sued in a competent court of law as enshrined in section (2) subsection (2) of the very ACT of the Commission.

The way things are going in the Mobile Network Operations depict that nobody is in control of regulating or playing a supervisory role over the horrendous network conundrum among all the Mobile Network Operators in the country.

It is obvious that the National Telecommunication is the direct body lawfully manned with the responsibility in ensuring that quality network service is provided by these Mobile Network Operators. One has to say this without an atom of hesitant that the National Telecommunication Commission has disgracefully failed in advocating for quality network for the People of Sierra Leone.

I definitely don’t want to disco-dance with the overwhelming murmuring from service users that our National Telecommunications is becoming a brown enveloped agency of late. However, with the appalling stagnation of internet service and poor network for directing calls from Orange Mobile Company, Africell Mobile Company and of course the Qcell Mobile company, gives one the node that indeed, the National Telecommunications is gradually metamorphosing into a personalized telecommunication agency. An agency where personal aggrandizement seems to have superseded nation interest.

The non-of-my-business-approach by the National Telecommunication Commission of late, sends no better signal to service users that the commission is ready to advocate for better service Mobile Network Subscribers pay for. It has now become the new normal across the country wherein, service users/subscribers to those mobile Network Operators are very disgruntled with their terrible service.

The mobile network situation in the country has become a huge challenge to the extent that even when you call someone next to you, the operators will tell you that the phone is switched off when in real fact, the phone is actually on and fully charged. This is a deception to the highest magnitude to citizens of this country. Service users have been painstakingly condemning the terrible internet service provided by these Mobile Network Operators but nobody seems to do anything about it. You can buy huge quantum of data on your phone for internet service but that internet will never open a page.

The notorious braggadocio about the 4G internet service particularly for Qcell is a scam and nobody should fall for it anymore.
Before I encourage my Sierra Leonean counterparts to take court action against NATCOM and the Mobile Network Operators, I want to encourage the Parliamentary Committee on Information and Communications, to do their oversight function to make a clarion call on these Mobile Network Operators to questioning for deceiving Citizens of this Nation.

I also call on the Ministry of Information and Communications to play it supervisory role over NATCOM in ensuring that Mobile Network Operators uphold the principle of customers’ satisfaction. Hope the Ministry and NATCOM are not birds from the same feathers.



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