All eyes of the public are on the All People’s Congress (APC) Party as the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic sets to open again on October 12, 2023.

Citizens are of the opinion that some APC Members of Parliament-Elect will attend and subscribe to the oath of office, while others believe that the remaining fifty-two (52) will not attend on the basis that they have vowed to stand with the party as per the agreement they previously signed.

Many eyes are now on the APC at this critical moment as to whether or not they will stand by the people who had asked them to boycott governance at all levels.

It could be recalled that two of the elected APC MPs, Hon. Mohamed Bangura and Hon. Alfred Thomson had earlier subscribed to the oath of office before Parliament went for a recess.

One of the newly elected APC MPs, Hon. Abdul Kargbo assured that the 52 remaining MPs-Elect would not attend parliamentary proceedings until the demands of the party are fully met. He said the two individuals who betrayed the APC did so at their own perils. Both Hon. Mohamed Bangura and Alfred Thomson have been summoned to face the disciplinary committee of the party, but unconfirmed reports state that the two MPs have refused to honour the summon arguing that the venue where the hearing was to take place was not safe for them.

Meanwhile, Hon. Bangura and Hon. Mohamed Emmerson Lamina were sworn in as Members of the ECOWAS Parliament to Sierra Leone after they were selected by the Sierra Leone Parliament.

It is however not yet clear whether or not the APC will contest the representation of Hon. Mohamed Bangura at the ECOWAS Parliament.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leoneans are curious to know whether the APC Members of Parliament will attend sittings upon resumption of Parliament or will continue the boycott.