In a heartwarming tale of compassion and resilience, Henry Reider, a dedicated student at the University of Sierra Leone, launched the REIDER YOUTUBE CHANNEL, focusing on health issues and business advertisement. Here’s a closer look at what this platform offers and the impactful story that unfolded through its outreach.


Business Advertisement: The channel provides a dynamic space for businesses to effectively reach their target audience.

Education and Health Focus: Henry Reider Channel is committed to promoting initiatives in education and health, raising awareness and offering support in these fundamental sectors.

Local Sports Promotion: The platform supports local sports events and initiatives, fostering community engagement and participation.

Entertainment Updates: From movies and music to engaging quizzes, the channel keeps its audience entertained and informed.

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Henry Reider’s journey took a remarkable turn when he became a beacon of hope for Charles Boima, a young Sierra Leonean in desperate need of liver treatment. Henry’s deep emotional connection to Charles’s plight led him to use his YouTube platform to share the young boy’s story.

Through collective empathy and a GoFundMe initiative, Henry and his subscribers successfully raised $75,000 for Charles Boima’s life-changing surgery. The overwhelming support enabled Charles to prepare for the liver transplant in India, a journey that was once out of reach for his family.

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Henry Reider’s channel transformed into a hub of compassion and kindness, rallying people to support a noble cause. Henry, now an embodiment of hope, expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support received and invites further subscription to foster a community based on compassion and shared humanity.

As Henry continues this journey, advocating for more initiatives and support, he urges everyone to subscribe and be part of this community-driven effort. He provides clear instructions and links for joining and following the channel on various platforms, aiming to expand the outreach and impact of their collective efforts.

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