A newly established transportation entity known as Kenema Taxi Service Kenema city Sierra Leone has been officially launched in Kenema city on Sunday 21st May 2023.

The said transportation service according to the chief executive officer Alusine Kemokai, is to ease transportation burden on people across the district and by extension the country as a whole.

The service will run on daily basis from 7am to 10pm and it is cost effective.

He said the initiative was born out of experience gained while in the diaspora, and therefore thought it wise to implement same for his people in sierra Leone.

CEO Alusine Kemokai said Kenema is his home and therefore decided to start the venture in Kenema before it could be established in other parts of the country.

The CEO also stated that their are plans to expand the business with more vehicles in Kenema and in other places within the country hence with the support of fellow Sierra Leoneans.

Mr Alusine Kemokai revealed that some of the vehicles will be used for hiring purposes while the remaining vehicles will be placed at strategic places in Kenema to convey passengers from one destination to the other.

He said he is not competing with anyone rather he is augmenting other means of transportations that have existed over the years in the country.

Alusine Kemokai has called on fellow Sierra Leoneans to ensure the success of the business so that its expansion will be as soon as possible.

Other speakers included Mohamed Sedie Mansaray marketer Kenema Taxi Service, a representative of the Motor drivers Union Kenema district Mohamed C. Foray, who admonished drivers to maintain their integrity in execution of their duties.

For more information plz contact the Marketer on 076-711771/ 077-711771