Over the weekend, the Administration of the National Petroleum Company (NP) successfully imported 23,000 metric tons of diesel fuel.

This substantial supply is expected to meet the demand for the entire month of July, ensuring uninterrupted business operations for all Sierra Leoneans.

According to Vandi Bockarie, the Sales Manager, the vessel carrying the diesel fuel arrived at the petro jetty terminal in Kissy, located in the eastern part of Freetown, on Tuesday, June 1st, 2023.

Initially, a shipment of 16,000 metric tons was planned to address public concerns and ensure smooth operations. However, considering the upcoming elections and the need for stability, the quantity was increased accordingly.

Bockarie also reassured the public that a consignment of petrol will be available shortly, ensuring a sufficient supply until after the elections. Additionally, there is an ample stock of fuel oil to support the operations of the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC) and serve as an alternative to Bumbuna. This stock will also contribute to the CLSG West Africa power pool project.