In a strategic move towards enhancing financial inclusivity in Sierra Leone, Rokel Commercial Bank has taken further steps in its digital expansion efforts.

The bank recently unveiled five new kiosks as part of its Agency Banking initiative, strategically placed at Mile 91, Rutile, and Lunsar, Kambia and Port Loko.

Emile Sannah, Supervisor of the Rokel SimKorpor Unit, highlighted that this development was a key component of the bank’s vision to foster accessibility and streamline financial processes in Sierra Leone.

This forward-looking strategy also aims to introduce seamless paperless transactions, thus alleviating the financial burden previously endured by customers who had to travel considerable distances to access the bank’s facilities.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Rokel Commercial Bank has effectively empowered more than 200 digital banking agents across the nation. These agents are now equipped to execute a wide array of financial transactions, mirroring the services traditionally provided by the bank’s main branches and outlets spread throughout the country.

Distinguished individuals who graced the launch event praised the management of Rokel Commercial Bank for its swift responsiveness to the concerns of the community.

Prior to this digital expansion, residents faced significant challenges in accessing their funds, often requiring arduous journeys to neighboring towns, resulting in substantial financial implications.

Emile Sannah emphasized the stringent background checks conducted on agents, coupled with the signing of legal agreements, ensuring the utmost security of funds.

Notably, the introduced services boast robust security features, including two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, providing customers with peace of mind while engaging in their financial transactions.