Rokel Commercial Bank (RCBank) has refuted a video shared widely on social media implicating the bank in fraud.

According to video, the bank was depicted to be engaged in fraud after one of the speakers in the video said there were missing notes with the bank’s wrappers.

The speaker said the monies were collected from the bank.

But a press release from RCBank refuted the allegation citing that it is a mere ploy to smear the image of the bank and its staff.

We have carefully analysed the video and it is considered that the contents were not only fictitious but we’re a brazen attempt to discredit the work of our dedicated and highly trained professional cashiers,” the bank’s management said.

They added that the intent of the video is to bring down the reputation of bank’s management by “individuals with ulterior motives”.

This is second time in less than two months such video surfed the web with the first implicating ECOBANK. RCBank said the move on ECOBANK is synonymous to the one targeting their bank.

Apparently, as if the instructions given in the first instance weren’t clear, they decided to correct their first mistake by recording another video in their determined campaign to drag the good image of the Rokel Commercial Bank into the mud,” they said.

The management of the bank said they will be working with the Sierra Leone Police to investigate the video and bring to book those responsible.

They urge the public to disregard the video while branding it to be “mischievous, corrosive and a faceless attempt” to reduce the bank’s credibility.

Watch the video below: