Nowadays, being in a possession of a secure, affordable and convenient way to store and transfer money is necessary. Ezipay SL which is arguably one of the leading digital wallet service in Sierra Leone allows users to manage their funds with ease.

What sets Ezipay SL apart from other digital wallets is the multiple ways in which users can add funds to their wallet, ensuring flexibility and simplicity.

Orange Money: One of the most popular and widely used mediums to add funds to your Ezipay SL wallet is through Orange Money. Orange Money is a mobile money transfer service that allows users to deposit money into their Ezipay SL wallet directly from their Orange Money account.

This secure and flexible method is ideal for individuals who prefer to use their mobile devices for financial transactions. Simply link your Orange Money account to your Ezipay SL wallet and transfer funds effortlessly.

Visa/Master Card: For those who prefer the convenience of using their debit or credit cards, Ezipay SL also offers the option to add funds using Visa or Master Card. Whether you are making a one-time deposit or regularly adding funds to your wallet, this method ensures a seamless and secure transaction.

Simply enter your card details, select the amount you wish to add, and confirm the transaction. With Ezipay SL’s robust security measures, you can rest assured that your card information is protected at all times.

Authorized Merchants: Another way to add funds to your Ezipay SL wallet is through an authorized merchants. Ezipay SL has established partnerships with numerous merchants across the country, allowing users to deposit cash into their wallet at these authorized locations.

This method is ideal for individuals who prefer to handle physical cash and may not have access to digital payment options. Simply visit a nearby authorized merchant, provide the desired amount in cash, and have it added to your Ezipay SL wallet instantly. Regardless of the method you choose, adding funds to your Ezipay SL wallet is a breeze.

With the growing popularity of digital wallets in Sierra Leone, Ezipay SL strives to provide its users with multiple options to cater to their individual preferences. By offering mediums like Orange Money, Visa/Master Card, and authorized merchants, Ezipay SL ensures that users can easily add funds to their wallet and have complete control over their finances.

Ezipay SL offers multiple ways to add funds to your wallet, providing users with the flexibility and convenience they need in today’s digital age. Whether you prefer mobile money transfers, card payments, or cash deposits, Ezipay SL has got you covered. So why wait? Take advantage of these various mediums and add funds to your Ezipay SL wallet today!

Get the app here: or find it on Google Play Store or App Store. If you need help or have questions, you can contact them on WhatsApp or call +232 80 626010. They’re always there to improve your Ezipay SL experience.
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