The President of Gambia, His Excellency President Adama Barrow has applauded Securiport for their excellent security control measures.

This acknowledgment was made by President Barrow speaking on government efforts in tackling human trafficking and maintaining safety despite growing security challenges in some regions of the country.

President Barrow maintained that every country has its policies and if an assessment is made on other airports in the subregion, their airport is the cheapest and that Securiport is a project dealing with security.

With security-related technologies, BJL rates at a higher standard for airlines to increase the number of flights because if your airport security is not good some flights will not even come to your airport,” President Barrow stated.

He noted that the fees have been a matter of contestation which is why the government has taken steps to engage the relevant stakeholders and that they are expecting that within three months, it would be inculcated into the tickets.

Based on the complexity of border security, it is, therefore, crucial to have an efficient and effective system in place to manage border control like the one in the Gambia.

When there is a pattern of illegal border crossings at a particular location, then additional resources can be allocated to the area, and if there is a build-up of people at the border, then it can be detected, and the necessary measures can be taken in advance.

Given the country’s needs, when the Banjul International Airport (BJL) had undergone improvements to ameliorate the standards for passengers and overall air transport infrastructure, it also meant implementing advanced border security systems for greater passenger flow.

What has also manifested in Gambia is that the presence of Securiport has guaranteed security in the Casama Region and there is a sudden boost in tourism.

As border control is intricate and constantly evolving field, border security technologies can play a significant role in providing better decision support and improving security for the country.

Border control is a multifaceted process that involves a range of different stakeholders and systems, which includes the border agents who physically patrol.

To meet the challenges of today, customized databases and other technology tools that underpin modern border security are provided to authorities for their national security.

One of the key challenges of border control is balancing security concerns with the need for efficient and timely travelers cost-effectively crossing borders.

Even though governments have the responsibility to protect their citizens from threats such as terrorism, smuggling, and illegal immigration, they must also facilitate legitimate travel, and avoid causing unnecessary delays or disruptions.

Being a global leader in intelligent immigration and civil aviation security solutions and services, Securiport provides technology solutions for authorities to utilize additional tools to safeguard the country’s national security.