Sierra Leonean students studying in India on government scholarships have raised concerns and sought clarification regarding the recent disbursement of funds for their education.

The issue has sparked confusion and disappointment among the affected students, leading to questions about the fairness and equity of the scholarship program.

In a letter addressed to the authorities, Abubakarr Barrie, a concerned Sierra Leonean student, expressed gratitude for the support provided through the scholarship program. The initiative has allowed students from Sierra Leone to pursue higher education in India, contributing to personal growth and the development of their homeland.

However, it has come to light that a recent disbursement of scholarship funds by the government of Sierra Leone was allocated to students in other countries, inadvertently leaving out the Sierra Leonean students studying in India. This discrepancy has left the affected students perplexed and disheartened, prompting them to raise concerns about the transparency and fairness of the scholarship program.

Sierra Leonean students in India consider themselves ambassadors of their country and take pride in representing Sierra Leone while pursuing their education abroad. They have dedicated themselves to their studies and hope to acquire knowledge and skills that will contribute to the progress of their nation upon their return. However, the unequal financial assistance has cast doubt on whether they are being treated fairly as Sierra Leonean citizens.

Seeking clarification and resolution, Barrie respectfully requested the assistance of the authorities in addressing this matter. The students aim to engage in open communication and dialogue to understand the reasons behind the decision and address any potential misunderstandings that may have arisen. They believe that transparent and fair treatment can resolve grievances and foster a stronger relationship between the consulate and Sierra Leonean students in India.

In the letter, Barrie humbly requested that a meeting be convened or a channel of communication be established where concerned students can express their concerns and seek clarification regarding the recent scholarship disbursement. This open dialogue will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the circumstances surrounding the decision and alleviate any doubts or apprehensions within the student community.

The students remain hopeful that this issue will be promptly and fairly addressed to ensure equal opportunities for all Sierra Leonean students studying abroad. They firmly believe in the importance of transparency and equitable treatment, which will not only strengthen their trust in the system but also enhance the reputation of Sierra Leone on the global stage.

The Sierra Leonean students eagerly await a response from the authorities and an opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue that will help resolve this matter and ensure that all students receive the support they need to continue their education in India.