Justice For Sheku Ahmed Tejan Bayoh!

Hundreds of people came out in Kirkcaldy to show their support of a man with no record of a criminal behaviour who died in police custody few weeks ago and extend sympathies to the family and many chanted “we want answers” as the cortege made its way to the Kirkcaldy Islamic Centre for prayers.

The funeral procession stopped at Kirkcaldy police station, where a two minute silence was held.

It then headed on to the Kirkcaldy Islamic Centre Mosque, where prayers were being held.

Sheku Bayoh was held following an incident in the town’s Hayfield Road area on 3 May but died in custody.

The family’s lawyer, Aamer Anwar, said: “It was five weeks ago that Sheku Bayoh died in police custody, his body was released this week and the cause of death has not been determined.

“The family have been fighting for answers.”

The family’s lawyer Aamer Anwar told those gathered: “The family have never asked for anything unreasonable, they have simply asked for answers of what happened.

“They have tried desperately to keep an open mind and they still try to do so.”

An investigation by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) is currently under way.

‘The truth’

On the events surrounding his death, Mr Bayoh’s relatives claimed they were told five versions of what happened.

In an interview with the Sunday Herald, Sheku Bayoh’s elder sister, Mrs Kadi Johnson, said:

“In any normal circumstances, when something like this happens, people are investigated, people are suspended… but that has never happened.

“When something like this happens, PIRC should jump in right away, but it didn’t work that way. All we want is the truth. We want to know exactly what happened and we want justice.”

Investigators looking into Mr Bayoh’s death have confirmed that the arresting officers have agreed to provide statements.

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) said officers had been responding to a call of a man brandishing a knife.

PIRC said they had made several failed attempts to get statements from the officers concerned.

The death of Sheku Bayoh is heartbreaking and people from all over the UK were united in solidarity to demand answers from the police.

As details unfolded, the family of Sheku Bayoh wants Sheku to be remembered through reflection and understanding. Sheku lived life to its fullest. His images comforted everybody in a way that healed not in a way that wounds as portrayed by the Scottish Police.

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Along with prayers, that’s what Sheku and the family deserve.

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