The Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Students Society at the Cyprus International University (CIU) has issued a press release condemning the alleged rape of a Sierra Leonean female student.

According to the news release, the incident occurred on Sunday, March 26 2023, at 10:00 PM In Cyprus.

Meanwhile, the victim, who has not been named for safety, reported the incident to the student society and Sierra Leone authorities in Cyprus immediately after it happened.

However, the CIU-SL Student Society is taking all necessary measures to ensure the victim gets justice and support during this difficult time.

The society also disclosed that its strongly condemned any form of violence or harassment against women and is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all Sierra Leonean students. Noting that the CIU-SL Student Society is working with local law enforcement bodies to arrest the perpetrator; they have identified and arrested Obasi Chimezirm Princewill, who happens to be a Nigerian citizen and a student at the CIU, as a suspect in the case.

The student society concluded by encouraging all students to remain vigilant and report any incidents immediately to the authorities.