900 teachers in Kono, Kenema and Western Area have benefited from a training organised by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) in Freetown.

The training focused on shaping teacher’s behaviour, good conduct and the promoting of non-violence activities in school.

The training allowed teachers to draw up action plan from the training.

Allowing the teachers to draw up their own action plan from the training will use what they’ve learnt to meet the objective of improving the quality of their learning environments and outcomes,” said Princess Mattia, the Director of Teacher-Employer Relations.

The TSC’s training made use of the Code of Conduct for Teachers which provides the principles for guiding teachers’ behaviour. It also helps teachers to navigate through ethical dilemmas which in turn promote professionalism and positive learning environment.

The training attracted teachers and school leaders from primary and secondary schools in two eastern districts and the capital.

The Government in 2018 made their intentions known to focus on education in order to develop the human capital of the West African nations.

Although success has not been at an average pace, educationists believe it is the right step towards development in any nation.