The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Sierra Leone has issued a warning to the public regarding allegations of corruption and malpractice in the ongoing West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The ACC has received several complaints about the use of mobile phones by candidates with the consent of invigilators, and demands for bribes from pupils, parents, guardians, and school authorities to facilitate examination malpractice.

According to Section 128 (3) of the Anti-Corruption Amended Act of 2019, engaging in corrupt activity or practice in an educational program or examination to confer an advantage on oneself or another person is an offence.

The ACC has reiterated its position that school authorities, invigilators, and all examination officials must not demand or accept any form of bribe or advantage.

The ACC has cautioned the public that the Elite Scorpion Squad of the Commission will swiftly move in if they find evidence of organized examination malpractice cells and networks. They will arrest and detain all involved and prosecute them accordingly.

The ACC further encouraged members of the Public to make complaints or reports to the ACC, at its Headquarter Office, Tower Hill, in Freetown, 10 Bo-Pujehun Drive, Kebbie Town in Bo, Reservation Road, Off Maxwell Khobe Street in Kenema. Mena Hills in Makeni, 18 Sannsie Street, Off Kainkordu Road, Koidu and 13 Sheriffa Street, Port Loko City; or on the hotlines, 077-985-985 and 077-986-986.

The Commission hopes that this warning will deter individuals and groups from engaging in corrupt practices during the ongoing WASSCE examination.