The Chief Minister of Sierra Leone, David Moinina Sengeh will be teaching at Harvard Graduate School of Education as a visiting Global Fellow.

Minister Sengeh shared on his social media platforms his intention to travel to the United States to deliver lectures.

He said, “In Jan 2024, I’ll return to my Alma Mater in Cambridge to teach a week-long course at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a Chen Yidan Visiting Global Fellow.”

Moving on in his post he shared topics of innovation and inclusiveness which he will deliver to his audience.

My course will focus on tech, innovation, equity and inclusion at the intersection of policy, politics and people (impact),” he shared.

He went on to call on the public to join the session online to participate if possible so that people will learn ways to develop some policies.

I’ll likely make it available for online participation if possible. We’ll learn about ways to develop and implement radical policies and how to roll systems out at scale. Ready to join?” he ended.