Chozen Generation Sierra Leone (CGSL) has bestowed the Academic Excellence Award upon Floydalin Davies for her outstanding performance in the 2023 National Primary School Examination (NPSE). Floydalin emerged as the Best NPSE Pupil 2023 with an impressive aggregate of 339.

The award ceremony took place at the prestigious Murray Deen Preparatory School in Freetown, where educators, parents, and peers gathered to celebrate Floydalin’s remarkable achievement.

Floydalin’s journey to academic success is a testament to her diligence, commitment, and the unwavering support she has received from her parents, teachers, and the Murray Deen Preparatory School community.

CGSL expressed profound delight in recognizing Floydalin’s accomplishments and presented her with the well-deserved Award of Excellence. This award goes beyond an individual achievement; it highlights the collective efforts of the educational community that has contributed to shaping Floydalin’s academic prowess.

The Academic Excellence Award serves as a symbol of inspiration for other students and motivates them to strive for greatness in their educational pursuits. CGSL remains committed to nurturing and acknowledging outstanding talents within the education sector and fostering a culture of academic excellence that extends beyond individual accomplishments to enrich the entire community.

In addition to academic excellence, CGSL also recognizes and celebrates the achievements of students in other areas, such as sports, arts, and leadership. The organization believes that it is important to nurture and support all students, regardless of their talents and interests.

CGSL’s commitment to education is evident in its many initiatives and programs. The organization provides scholarships, mentorship, and other forms of support to students in need. CGSL also works with schools and communities to improve educational facilities and resources.