The Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala  will be  engaging  Fourah Bay College Students on with Public Lecture on Thursday, 25th January, 2024 at the Tunde Cole Building, FBC

The topic the Commissioner will be speaking on “The Law’s Majesty: Connecting the linkage between the 2019 Anti-Corruption Amendment Act with Revolutionary Governance Reform.

The Public Lecture is organized by the Ministry of Justice – Students’ Union Government, Fourah Bay College.

In  November 2023, Commissioner  Kaifala  also delivered a  speech to students at Harvard Law School. The said speech  was designed to bring my life’s journey and Sierra Leone to the Harvard Community in an intimate way.

Students were spellbound as he presented the Sierra Leone they had never heard of before – a land of courage, resilience and resolve – particularly against corruption!