Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) at the University of Sierra Leone has issued a crucial notice to all applicants currently facing a pending status in their applications.

The notice directs applicants in this situation to report to the Students and Academic Affairs Unit located in the Old Building.

The designated reporting period spans from Monday, the 20th of November, to Wednesday, the 22nd of November 2023. During this timeframe, applicants are urged to visit the unit between 10 am and 4 pm to address the pending status of their applications. The university administration has explicitly outlined these dates and hours, underlining the importance of adherence to ensure a streamlined process.

The notice also carries a stern caution, indicating that failure to comply with this directive will have consequences that could be detrimental to the applicants. It implies that non-compliance might affect the status of their applications or other associated processes.

The University of Sierra Leone, through this announcement, seeks the cooperation of the concerned applicants, urging them to act promptly within the specified timeframe. The phrase “Your cooperation is highly anticipated” signifies the gravity of the situation and the expectation of full compliance from the applicants.