A student from Fourah Bay College Edward S. Kemoh, has on the 23rd August, 2023 donated fifty (50) copies of his book titled “The Final Exam Secret” to the Kono Students’ Union.

This came as part his passion and vision for education which serves as a complement to the free quality education in the country.  The donation was made in the presence of Key stakeholders of Kono Distrcit particularly those in the education sector at the summer lesson venue, Ansarul Islamic Girls’ School.

Kemoh expressed gratitude and heartfelt pleasure for effecting his contribution in a small way to supports  KonSU   National President Sahr Jawara Allieu  Reformation Agenda and the pupils of kono district in their educational drive, adding that, the support may boost the performance of students during  exams.

He maintained that, the book covers essential exam strategies and tips, drawn from his own experience as a university student and that of others and that, the book covers twelve (12) poems within 2021-2025 Literature Syllabus.

He also emphasized that that the books are not given to be stored but use it to teach the pupils. He called on the pupils to take their academic work seriously and to use their phone not just to search about football, Tiktok, Facebook, or WhatsApp but to engage in meaningful educational research in order to improve themselves.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Kemoh also emphasized the need for Kono students and, by extension, university students to embrace the Kono Writers Association. A writing blog that factors in the need to improve its members on writing, public speaking, content creation, creativity, innovation, and a whole host of other issues. He also applauds the relentless effort of Honourable Sahr Isaac English Peterson, the founder of the Kono Writers Association, for this wonderful indicator as was reported by Sierraloaded’s correspondent in Kono District, Christian Sam.