Sierra Leonean music sensation, Arkman, has taken to social media with a cryptic post in response to the reported arrest of two other popular musicians, Kontri Boss (Eddie 441) and Kass of LXG.

In his enigmatic message, Arkman draws attention to the circumstances surrounding the arrests. He mentions that Eddie, also known as Kontri Boss, had purchased a tricycle (keke) for his mother, which seemingly led to his detention. Furthermore, Ark Man points out that Kass of LXG, who was merely accompanying Eddie, found himself in a similar situation behind bars. He raises questions about the alleged killing of a thief by another musician and hints  that because he is connected to the government nothing was done.

“Eddi Buy Keke 4 ei mama dem jail am, Kass LXG go drop eddie dem jail am, So da thief man wae da we oda man kill, Okay ei nor dae Paopa”

Arkman’s post comes in the wake of recent reports indicating that the Sierra Leonean police have taken into custody two music artists, Soloman Kass-Marrah (Kass) and Edward Wright (Kontri Boss), in connection with the death of Alouysh Deen Tarawally, popularly known as ‘Arata.’

It has been learned that Kontri Boss’s detainment is linked to his ownership of the keke that was reportedly attacked by Arata on suspicion of theft.

Arata, a controversial supporter of Sierra Leone’s ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), passed away in August after succumbing to injuries sustained when a mob attacked him. The attack stemmed from accusations that he had stolen a tricycle, locally known as “kekeh,” in Freetown.

The unfolding situation has sparked significant attention and conversations in Sierra Leone’s music and broader community,