AYV Gives Updates on Preparations Made Ahead of Housemates Salone Season 3

The African Young Voices (AYV) media empire has on Friday 13 May 2022 held a press conference to give update on preparations made so far ahead of their upcoming Reality TV Show Housemates Salone Season 3.

The Press conference held at the AYV’s Conference Hall on Wesley Street in Freetown, attracted media practitioners from various media houses across the country.

The Chairman of the Executive Board of AYV Media Empire, Dr. Ezekiel Duramani Lakkoh, welcomed all present especially their partners and sponsors, whom he said, have decided to render their services to them for the upcoming Reality TV Show.

He pointed out that Housemates Salone Reality TV Show happens to be one of the dreams of every Sierra Leonean and is one that majority are looking up to in terms of entertainment in the country.

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Lakkoh pointed out that within the shortest possible time, to be precise, on the 22nd May, 2022, the Reality TV Show will commence maintaining that they are reiterating their commitment towards the hosting of the third edition of Housemates Salone.

He revealed that they have team from Lebanon, an expert from Nigeria and even others from the Diaspora who have come together to ensure the smooth commencement of the event.

We have never had any one to one discussion with any of the aspirants and so the issue of bias or prejudice does not sit in here as it will be fair competition,” he assured adding that all the aspirants, who will eventually enter the House, would be tested to know their health status maintaining that any aspirant that does not match with the health qualification of the organizers, AYV Media Empire and Africell-Sierra Leone, will be disqualified from entering the House.

Nancy Toure, Africell Sierra Leone Deputy Media Relations Manager, stated that this year’s Housemates Salone is going to be credible and standard disclosing that there would be professionals that would be part of the program.

She encouraged members of the public to continue to vote for their favourite shortlisted aspirants if they want to see them in the House adding that Africell, as a mobile company, is so grateful and will always feel proud to be part of AYV simply for the sake of their promotion of unity, and providing interesting contents.

Nancy also reminded viewers or members of the public not to forget to vote for their favorite aspirants by using Afrimoney to vote while at the same time extending appreciation and gratitude to their sponsors for partnering with them.

The Director of Commercials at AYV, Daniel Moore, talked about the sponsors so far that have shown interest to be part of the show. He presented a list of those sponsors which include; ACTB, Anti Corruption Commission, Bet Salone, Chicken Town, ESME- Luxury Bedding, Expressions Hair, Frontline Chicken, Genius Bet, Kolat Bricks, Merani, Padi, Rokel Commercial Bank, Sierra Distribute, Sierra Leone Brewery Limited, Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Sierra Leone National Shipping Agency, Sing Song Medical Services, Sora Cosmetics and Zarlux. He encouraged more sponsors to come on board to give supporting hands.

The Chief Executive Officer of Sing Song Medical Services, Dr. Joseph Augustus Kamara, pointed out that it is very significant for the aspirants to know their health status saying which is why they will be medically testing them in order to protect the reputation of the institution further assuring that the test results will not be disclosed to anyone but will remain strictly confidential.

Acting Business Development and Marketing Manager of the Rokel Commercial bank, Mariama Jajua, assured the organizers of the Show, AYV and Africell, that they have the Bank’s full support also disclosing how they will open free accounts for all the Housemates.

The General Manager of Bet Salone, Nicolas Nicol, stated that they believe in what AYV is doing because they see it as an opportunity to push Sierra Leone out to the world further maintaining that whatever content AYV will be showing out will reflect the face of the nation also assuring of giving their full support.


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