Boss La’s Leaked Voice Note Rejecting LAC’s Donation Finally Surfaces

Following accusations and doubts to the reason why popular magician Baimba Moiforay, popular known as LAC’s donation was rejected, the leaked voice note of the CEO of Red Flag Muzik, Boss LA, telling people and family of Vida Green to reject the donation of LAC has surfaced the social media. 

Few weeks ago, before the Vida Oneness Fundraising Concert, magician LAC donated a sum of sixty million Leones to foot the bills of Vida’s medical treatment. Upon the money reaching the hands of popular blogger Sana Jay to the family of Vida, the money was rejected by the family for reasons they couldn’t tell. There have been accusations and doubts in the minds of many Sierra Leoneans as the reasons to the rejection of the money was unknown. Others were claiming that the reason behind the rejection of the money was as a result of the organisers of the concert telling the family not to accept the money. World Boss LAC made an other attempt to buy the Fundraising Concert which his request was not looked at for the second time.

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As of yesterday 11th May 2022, the leaked voice of popular rapper and CEO of Red Flag Muzik has just surfaced the media. On the voice note, Boss LA stated that, the reason behind LAC’s donation was to divert the planned Fundraising concert but nothing else. He furthered that, the family and organisers accepted donations from corporate offices, the likes of Africell, but not a criminal. “we accept donations from corporate people like Africell, but this man is wanted…” he said.

On his concluding statements, Boss LA added that, if LAC really wanted to make donations, he should have gone to IG Sovula, and best of it all, submit himself since he is still a wanted man. “turn yourself in and we can take a new start” he said.

On listening to the voice note by popular Magician LAC, he concluded that Boss LA has envious mind ‘bad heart” for him.

Boss LA applauded and appreciated the effort of LAC for his donation, and prayed that the Almighty continue to bless him but confirmed that it did not make sense accepting the donation.


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