Popular rapper Boss La has caused a stir on social media by hinting at his aspirations to become the next flag bearer for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) party.

The artist, currently serving a nine-year prison sentence for charges including robbery and assault, took to his Facebook page shortly after the election results were announced to share his thoughts with fans.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Boss La wrote, “NDA 2028 d flag bearer Leh man nor test oo lonta,” which roughly translates to “NDA 2028 flag bearer, let no one test him on that.” The statement has sparked speculation among his followers and political observers, who are curious to see if Boss La plans to pursue a career in politics upon his release.

The NDA party gained attention during the recent elections when it secured the third-highest number of votes. With a total of 21,620 votes, the party captured 0.77% of the overall votes, surpassing other prominent opposition parties such as Charles Margai’s People’s Democratic Change (PMDC) party, the National Grand Coalition (NGC), and the Coalition for Change (C4C) party.