Sierra Leone National Football Team Forward Mohamed Buya Turay has distanced himself from a fake Facebook page impersonating him and targeting peace ambassador LAJ.

The fake page, titled “Suad Buya Turay,” has been making outrageous accusations against various people, with LAJ being the latest target. Buya Turay confirmed via his official Facebook account that the “Suad Buya Turay” page is a fake and does not represent him in any way.

The public is advised to disregard any information posted on the “Suad Buya Turay” page, as it is false and does not originate from Mohamed Buya Turay.

In a message to his fans, Buya Turay stated, “I woke up this morning to messages about fake accounts attacking someone I don’t even know and trying to ruin their reputation. Some people may have seen a fake video of me and assumed it’s real, but I won’t dwell on that anymore.”

He continued, “I want to be absolutely clear: I am Mohamed Buya Turay, and any fake accounts using my name are not created by me. I have nothing to do with them.”

Buya Turay closed his message expressing his faith that those behind the fake accounts will be held accountable and urging fans to focus on his real social media presence.