Sierra Leonean rapper and movie actor, Shitta T. Deen, popularly known as Cool J or Salone Cool J, recently expressed his admiration for Sierra Leonean comedians in a video posted on social media.

According to Cool J, Sierra Leonean comedy skit videos are now gaining significant popularity compared to the past when only Nigerian comedy skits were trending.

Cool J pointed out that Sierra Leonean comedy skits are making a notable impact, and he believes that these comedians deserve recognition.

He mentioned a few individuals who, in his opinion, are doing exceptionally well and deserve praise, including Kindo Armani, who possesses an amazing stage presence, Oga Worwor, Sana, Yamata, Selfie, Mr. Trouble, Yabom, and Avinash.

While Cool J acknowledged that he mostly sees the videos of the aforementioned comedians on social media, he also acknowledged that others are doing great work in the comedy scene.

He encouraged the comedians to continue their excellent work and to support each other. Cool J emphasized that fans appreciate their efforts in promoting the country’s name on a global scale.

Watch Video below: