Drip Entertainment, a newly established record label, marked a significant moment on May 21, 2023, as they signed their inaugural artist, Wispy RoGi.

The signing ceremony gathered industry insiders and fans, brimming with excitement and anticipation for the birth of this promising creative collaboration.

Drip Entertainment proudly announced the signing of Wispy to a multi-album contract spanning five years, signifying a landmark achievement for both the artist and the record label. This partnership holds great potential for fruitful endeavors and thrilling ventures.

The signing ceremony took place at the Atlantic Hotel, situated on Aberdeen Beach in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was an occasion filled with smiles as Wispy and the label’s executives expressed their delight.

Grateful for the opportunity to work with a forward-thinking and supportive team, Wispy conveyed his honor at being the first artist signed to Drip Entertainment. Eagerly looking toward the future, he proclaimed his excitement about the possibilities they would explore together.

The label’s executives reciprocated this enthusiasm, commending Wispy’s talent, work ethic, and dedication to his craft. Abdul K. Ninka, Drip Entertainment’s strategist and deputy record label manager, expressed their admiration, stating, “We have been closely following Wispy’s career and are astounded by his creativity and versatility.”

Wispy, a rising star in Sierra Leone’s music industry, captivated Drip Entertainment with his distinctive fusion of Afrobeat, R&B, and pop. Recognizing his potential, the label swiftly extended a multi-album deal, driven by the desire to help him share his music with a global audience.

In a statement, Wispy expressed his gratitude for being the first artist signed by Drip Entertainment, expressing belief in the label’s vision and commitment to supporting emerging talent. He eagerly anticipated collaborating with them to expand the reach of his music.

Drip Entertainment’s CEO, Gibrilla Kamara, also known as CEO-ASAP, expressed delight in having Wispy as their inaugural artist, recognizing his immense talent. With great enthusiasm, he shared his anticipation for assisting Wispy in advancing his career to new heights, aiming to create something truly extraordinary together.

In summary, the contract signing between Wispy and Drip Entertainment marks a significant milestone for both the artist and the record label. With their shared dedication to creativity, innovation, and hard work, this partnership is poised to achieve remarkable success in Sierra Leone’s music scene and beyond.