Am not sure Drizilik is or would be the bars 4 bars rapper most people are anticipating. Drizilik has mastered his craft to the extent that he doesn’t not want to be limited to a single genre (rap) especially so when rap is becoming unpopular with the rise of Afrobeat and Amapiano. Drizilik brings you a full package and his last album, Shukubly is a testament to this( rap, Afrobeat, Afro-Pop, Gumbay, Bubu, Reggae)

With the help of his team, he dominated untapped areas within our entertainment industry which others before him out of laziness and lack of foresightedness ignored ( Branding, Live Band, Marketing, PR and collaboration/networking). Now, with all these to his advantage, he’s become a hard nut to crack. Atimes, it’s not all about bars or talent.

I will not say Rap is dead, but if you are a rapper, am sure you will see the dynamics among global rap acts. Even in Africa, rap acts are adjusting their crafts to have some semblance of Afrobeat or Amapiano to meet the change of appeal among listeners.

It’s certain that Drizilik doesn’t want to limit his craft to only one set of listeners( the male dominated genre, rap), he wants his sounds to appeal to different listeners from all walks of life especially the feminine listeners who are now the driven Force of the entertainment industry and this is good for Business.

LAJ did the same when he realised the dominance of Afrobeat and Amapiano. He modified his craft to suit in the popular Amapiano sound as seen in “pincher” “Amen” “Ground get yai” songs .Most fans bashed at him for such rebrand as they still want that Bars 4 Bars LAJ. But these songs turned out to be his biggest and most played in clubs/bars of recent. L.A shifts from bars to business.

Bars do not earn you endorsements or make you headliner in shows. It’s how far reached your songs are. Are they being played in club/bars, are they trending, are they getting the numbers on social media platforms?. Show promoters look for these not how tight your bars are.
Drizilik will continue to be the full package.

His versatility, consistency, uniqueness, network and desire for growth has earned him a spot up there, not bars or talent. When he went to BBC years , he didn’t speak of his bars or rap, but how he want to bring to the limelight a unique sound ( bubu/Gumbay) which is our original sound.
With no disrespect to Rap acts, but the gospel truth is that, the huge influence of Afrobeat has made it very challenging for Hip-hop and as a rapper, you need to do extra to compete.