Faya Energy Drink, a renowned beverage company under Capital Food, has recently partnered with a selection of influential social media personalities from Sierra Leone.

This collaboration aims to elevate the profiles of these influencers while simultaneously driving sales for the beverage brand.

Juliet Konya Sesay, widely recognized as Juju Jeks, a former participant on a popular Housemate salone reality show, along with the talented comedian Selfie, Reggie Rock Stone Jnr, and Sana Jay Salone, have all enthusiastically entered into brand influencer agreements with Faya Energy Drink.

Taking to her social media after signing the contract, Ex housemate Juju jeks said, โ€œI will keep signing, the Ink nor go don Congrats to meโ€
Another influencer Regie rock stone jnr writes
I Just Signed With Capitol Foods On One Month Promotions . I Will Introduce The New Energy Drink In Town It’s Call Sierra Faya Energy Drink.
Keep The Fire Burning With The Faya_Energy_Drink, And Upload Your Inner Energy.”

The beverage company, renowned for its range of refreshing drinks, aims to broaden its reach and attract a younger demographic.

To achieve this, the company plans to collaborate with influential social media personalities from Sierra Leone. By leveraging the wide-reaching networks of these influencers, the company aims to enhance its brand awareness.

Under the terms of the agreement, the influencers will create content showcasing the drink company’s products in a positive manner. This may involve sponsored posts on their social media accounts or featuring in the company’s advertising campaigns.

Both the beverage company and the influencers anticipate a mutually beneficial partnership. The influencers will be compensated for their services, while the drink company expects to gain increased exposure and boost its sales.

This partnership highlights the rising influence of social media influencers in the marketing landscape of Sierra Leone. Their ability to connect with audiences on a personal level has made them a powerful force in shaping consumer preferences.

Capital Food is dedicated to collaborating with farmers in Sierra Leone, working passionately to produce the finest fruits. Through meticulous processing, they create Sierra Juice, a product designed to quench customers’ thirst and nourish their bodies. Moreover, this initiative generates additional income for local farmers in Sierra Leone.