Popular Sierra Leonean Musician, Fynface, is calling for help from the government, music promoters, well-wishers and philanthropists to help him.

The musician said he is suffering of depression.

The artist, on his social media Facebook page, shared moments to his condition and was indirectly calling on someone to intervene in his situation.

One day ago, he expressed his condition on a post that he compared himself to a popular Nigerian musician called Mohbad who died in what the Nigerian people referred to as mysterious.

Why do I keep thinking I will end up soon like Mohbad in Nigeria when I take my leave that’s the time the industry and my country people will know my worth. Depression kills ya. am tired of them fighting me left and right and even if I explain it nobody will believe me so no need. Some bloggers keep this post for future reference. RIP MOHBAD. Inside saloneSalone GossipSarah Kallay BlogBORN 2 BLOGSalone Kongosa,” he said on Facebook.

Moving on, today he posted another shocking word as he was taking his dread off his head. He said, “Yes I have to cut off my dread. I can’t stand this whole thing anymore. my Ghost spirit will be waiting for u to show me fake love when am gone. All those who are saying am doing this to stay relevant thunder fire u and I pray May your own blood  brother or family member go through this so then u will bad comment again . Becus Even if I call out the name/names of this person pesting me in this selfish industry u will not believe so no need I will die with that info instead.  

The musician asked bloggers to save the post for reference -insinuating he might harm himself. He shockingly said he will go live for the last time “to say the truth with some evidence”. He ended by apologising to his fans for letting them down.

With all these posts, one can see how desperately the musician needs support and prayers to get back on his feet.