Hawanatu Konneh Fofanah, a renowned social media blogger, is overjoyed to announce the arrival of her newborn baby in London, United Kingdom.

Taking to her Facebook page, the popular influencer shared the wonderful news, expressing her gratitude to God and introducing the newest addition to her family as “baby ice.”

Hawanatu Konneh, widely known as Hawanatu Konneh Blog, is a Sierra Leonean social media influencer, brand strategist, advertiser, and blogger.

She is also the founder of HK SL Marketing Company and serves as the head of Hawanatu Konneh Blog. For many years, Hawanatu has established herself as a prominent figure in the digital landscape.


Her journey as a social media influencer began in 2019 when her Facebook page started gaining momentum. With thousands of followers today, she utilizes her platform to promote various causes and raise funds for the needy and the sick.

This dedication has led her to secure ambassadorial deals and sponsorships from renowned companies such as Ordusu Natural Food Hair Product, Unimax SL, Express Ticket, BnB Sierra Leone, Argetam.com, and many others.

In recognition of her impact, Hawanatu Konneh Fofanah was nominated for the National Entertainment Awards’ Best Online Blogger of the Year in 2020. Additionally, she was honored with a nomination for the 50 Most Influential award organized by the Kids Advocacy Network, ultimately winning the prestigious accolade.