Sierra Leone’s multi-award-winning Gospel artist, songwriter, vocal coach, and worship leader, Judah Zubairu, sent waves of excitement through social media as he proudly flaunted his beautiful partner adorned with an engagement ring.ย 

The tantalizing display has ignited speculation about a forthcoming wedding, leaving fans and well-wishers eagerly awaiting the details.

Judah Zubairu, celebrated for his powerful voice and anointed worship songs, has consistently touched hearts and inspired spirits with his musical talents. Over the years, he has achieved remarkable milestones, earning recognition both nationally and internationally. In a remarkable achievement in 2018, he was honored with the title of “Best International Gospel Artist” by Wave Plus Promotion in Gambia.

The following year, in 2019, Judah Zubairu stood out as the sole gospel minister nominated in the “Best Entertainer Category” for a prestigious national award, a testament to his captivating performances and influence in the entertainment industry.

One of his significant contributions to the spiritual community is the “We Bow Worship Experience,” an annual worship concert that began as a modest initiative but has grown exponentially, drawing countless worshipers seeking spiritual enrichment.

Furthermore, Judah Zubairu has tirelessly nurtured the talents of young musicians across Sierra Leone through the “Musicians Motivational Nest Boot Camp.” This program serves as a platform for grooming the next generation of musical talents and educating them about the ministry of music, exemplifying his commitment to nurturing the art and faith of aspiring artists